August 8, 2014

Nobletree Delivers Groundbreaking “Estate” Coffee

Published in The Village Voice – 08/08/2014

A New York original is set to enter the city’s coffee scene. Helmed by a true New Yorker (OK, by way of New Jersey), Nobletree will introduce a new business model, advance the Red Hook revival, and upset the balance of the city’s specialty coffee scene.

Nobletree has assembled a small, experienced team, many of whom — including CEO John Moore — it poached from Dallis Bros. Coffee of Queens, to deliver a unique coffee model: Bring the “estate” concept, so cherished in the wine world, into the coffee realm. The allusion to the wine world is apt, for the company’s goal is to do for its coffee what many small, quality-driven winemakers have been doing with their grapes all along: tending their vineyards, picking their own fruit, pressing and fermenting the wine, and bottling on-site to reflect the singular terroir of the land, climate and vintage… Click Here to Read Full Article

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